Lorenzo Castro


Architect from the Universidad Javeriana. Extensive experience in urban and architectural design. His projects have won numerous awards at national and international level, for example: the International Ideas Competition Can City, in partnership with OMA N.Y., along with architects Shohei Shigematsu and Julio Gomez; Urban rehabilitation Rim of the Medellin Botanical Garden, in association with architect Ana Elvira Velez; the Residential Complex Niquía; Water Park in Bucaramanga, in association with J. C Santamaria. As director of the Professional Public Space Workshop (1998-2001), accompanied Mayor Enrique Peñalosa in the development of urban projects in a more balanced and equitable city plan for Bogota (Parks planning, cycle routes and public squares). Since 1990 he teaches at several universities and is currently a professor in the Universidad de los Andes.