Cartagena de Indias, founded in 1533 has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like most major Latin American cities, Cartagena has lacked a clear urban framework to guide its planning and expansion. The main drivers for the city’s urban development have been its industrial port and the maximum profitability of private real estate operations. The result is a fragmented city, insufficiently connected and scarcely related to its natural surroundings.

City landmarks

Casa de Huéspedes Ilustres

Rogelio Salmona


Colegio Flor del Campo

Giancarlo Mazzanti + Plan:B


Colegio Pies Descalzos

Giancarlo Mazzanti


Enlaces peatonales en las murallas

En desarrollo


and archives

Historical Museum of Cartagena + Cartagena Historical Archive + Library of the Academy of History

Casa de la Inquisición. Parque Bolívar

Cartagena Cultural Center + Training Center of Spanish Cooperation. Library and Documentation Centre A.E.C.I.D

Claustro de Santo Domingo. Cra 36 No 2-74

Library Bartolomé Calvo. Bank of the Republic.

Calle de la Inquisición. Casa Bolivar, Plaza de la Universidad

Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi. (Regional Bolívar)

Parque Bolívar

House Museum Rafael Núñez

Barrio el Cabrero

Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena

Getsemaní, Calle Larga N° 9A-37 con Callejón Walter, Cartagena

in Cartagena

Accommodation is arranged by students, who can choose from Cartagena´s vast offer. It is advisable that students stay within walking distance from the city center where the Studio will be held. Accommodation costs vary according to location, type of lodging and number of people.

• Daily expenses estimate: Between USD $30 and USD $80 (estimate based on AirBnB)

Web sites and
contact emails

The following are some websites that offer lodging services in Cartagena. The Studio doesn´t have any agreements with these places and is not liable for possible inconveniences. We suggest students request information they need before they contract their services.


Cartagena offers a variety of restaurants as well as supermarkets of various types, either in tourist areas or the Historic Center that can adjust to different budgets.

• Daily expenses estimate: Between USD $15 and $35